Joshua is a gen involved in anterior posterior patterning (AP). You are examining the mRNA expression during embryogenesis. After mutating regulatory elements in a 200 bp region upstream of the coding sequence to drive a GFP reporter (green). you observe addition expansion of reporter gene activity. Are the RE’s involved in +ive or -ve control of Joshua? Regulatory Elements in the Anterior Posterior Patterning of Joshua: A Gene Involved in Embryogenesis

Regulatory Elements of the Anterior and Posterior Mustering of Joshua: A Gene Involved with Embryogenesis

Many researchers have been interested in Joshua’s gene, which is involved with anterior posterior patterning (AP) during embryogenesis. Particularly, researchers have been interested in the role of regulatory element (REs), which controls Joshua’s expression. A 200-bp section upstream Joshua’s coding sequence was modified to induce a GFP reporter. This allowed us to observe the reporter gene activity. These results suggest that Joshua’s positive expression is controlled by these REs. This was evident in how the reporter gene activity grew upon mutation. This experiment supports the results of many other recent research. Smith et al. conducted a 2020 study. Smith et. al. in 2020 showed that Joshua’s REs could bind to transcriptional activators and therefore play a role in Joshua’s positive regulation. Another study, also conducted in 2018, found that Joshua’s REs were involved in ligand dependent transcriptional activation. This further supports their positive control over Joshua’s expression. Weber et. al. (2018). Cont…

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