Interphase mass transfer is a common mass transfer process adopted in industry. Explain two examples where interphase mass transfer is used in industry. Determine two relevantparameters that affect the mass transfer at respective examples. Interphase Mass Transfer in Industry

Interphase Mass Transfer in Industry 

The process of interphase mass transfers, also called multiphase mass transf, can be used by different industries in order to move mass from one phase into another. This process is used in many industries, including food processing and pharmaceuticals. Chemical engineering, waste management, and chemical engineering are some examples. These industries have interphase mass transfers that can be in a variety of forms. For example, vapor liquid, liquid liquid, or liquid solid. Two examples of interphase Mass Transfer in an Industry will be presented. The essay also includes two pertinent parameters to determine the mass transfer. First, vapor-liquid Mass Transfer is an example that is often used in food processing. It is used to move volatile compounds and flavor from a gas to a liquid phase. Pasteurization and distillation are common methods of vapor–liquid mass transfer. The mass transfer of this process is affected by temperature, pressure and flow rates (Mohan and colleagues, 2016). Higher temperatures, and. Cont…

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