Inclusive and Diverse ECE Programs

ECE programs that are inclusive and diverse

Leaders in early childhood education may be passionate about the issue of more diverse and inclusive early education programs. According to a 2019 article by Calvert and Brown, “Inclusive early childhood education is critical for preparing all young children to be successful in school and life” (Calvert & Brown, 2019). It is crucial that ECE programs include children with disabilities, and promote diversity so children can be successful in an ever-changing society. Lee and Kim also published a 2020 article that calls for culturally-responsive early childhood education programs. They argue that “culturally responsive early childhood education can enhance children’s development and learning by promoting a sense of belonging, cultural competence, and positive identity development” (Lee & Kim, 2020). These articles are useful for ECE professionals as they emphasize the need to have inclusive early childhood education programs. While the first article highlights inclusion for children with disabilities and the benefits of programs that are culturally sensitive for all children, the second article focuses on the importance of inclusive early childhood education. Both of these articles support the idea that ECE must be reformed to meet the needs of all young children.

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