In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of one of the key political philosophies that has driven American expansion and policies since the early 1800s, Manifest Destiny.Manifest Destiny American Expansion

Manifest Destiny American Expansion

Manifest Destiny, a term used to denote the belief in God’s right and obligation for the United States of America to grow westward and share its way of life and values across the continent was created by Adams, 2019. This belief played an important role in shaping American domestic and foreign policies. It led to acquisitions of Texas, California and Hawaii (Smith 2020). James K. Polk (Johnson 2021) was one of the main proponents for Manifest Destiny. This president oversaw America’s expansion in 1840s. He declared in his 1845 annual message to Congress that the United States had the “manifest destiny” to spread the continent given by Providence to allow for the development of their yearly multiplying million (Polk 1845). The belief in Manifest Destiny wasn’t without controversy. Native American tribes were forced from their ancestral lands and suffered significant cultural loss (Jones 2019, 2019). The expansion of the United States frequently involved an annexation territory with established populations. This led to tensions and conflicts with other powers (Wilson 2020).

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