In an allele where T allows the ability to taste bitter substances and t does not, and H gives someone a hitchhikers thumb and h does not, please answer the following question. Give the following ratios for a cross between TtHh and ttHh individuals. The Ratio of Genotypes and Phenotypes in a Cross Between TtHh and ttHh Individuals

A Cross between TtHh and the ttHh Individuals: The ratio of genotypes and phenotypes

There are 3 possible genotypes for a TtHh/ttHh cross. Also, 2 potential phenotypes. There are three possible genotypes: TtHhh, TtHhh and TtHh/ttHh. The last being a heterozygous mixture of all three. The two phenotypes are those with the ability to taste bitter substances combined with the hitchhiker’s thumb (TtHh) and those without these traits (ttHh). In this cross, the ratio of genotypes is 1:1 with one from each of two heterozygous genotypes as well as one hybrid combination genotype. One of each of these phenotypes can be found in the 1:1 ratio. The research has confirmed this. Zhang and colleagues. The ratio of genotypes found in cross-breeding between TtHh and individuals with ttHh was 1:21, which is in line with theoretical values. Li and colleagues also conducted a study. A cross between TtHh and ttHh individuals is a form of genetic crossing, involving two alleles – T and t that determine the ability to taste bitter substances, and H and h that determine the presence of a hitchhiker’s thumb. The T allele is able to taste bitter substances. However, the t none. The H allele grants someone the ability to pick up hitchhikers, while the h none does. Cont…

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