If you use the human RB protein sequence as a query in a BLAST search of the Drosophila genome, it returns a Subject sequence with a p-value of 103. Which of the following can be concluded from this result? The Significance of a P-Value of 103 in a BLAST Search of the Drosophila Genome

A P-Value of103 for a BLASTSearch of the Drosophila Genome: What is it?

A search using the Drosophila genome’s basic local alignment search tool (BLAST) can produce a Subject sequence having a p value of 103. A p value is the likelihood that the subject sequence has a similarity to the query. A p value of 103 means that the likelihood of two sequences having similarity is low. The exact meaning of the p value depends on what threshold was used for the search (Jiang and al., 2016). A p value of 103 generally indicates that the Subject sequence and the query are significant similar. This is because the Drosophila genome includes a sequence homologous with the human RB Protein sequence. Further supporting this is the fact that the Search threshold was not exceeded by the p value. The similarities between these sequences suggest that they are related and the Drosophila genome sequence that derived the human RB-protein sequence (He et.al., 2021). Cont…

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