If you had a baby with a congenital heart defect and a doctor could remove the gene, would you do it to save your baby’s life? Most people probably would. But take that another step further: Would you make your baby a little more intelligent? A little more beautiful? Should you be able to choose their sex? Their skin tone? What if only the rich could afford it? What if you chose not to edit your child, but other parents did? What are the moral and ethical dilemmas? Should we distinguish between medical therapy and enhancement? What effect will human genetic modification have on society? The Ethical and Moral Dilemmas of Human Genetic Modification

The Moral and Ethical Dilemmas of Human Genetic Modification 

When a child is born with a congenital coronary heart defect, the choice to take away the gene to avoid wasting the newborn’s life is a straightforward one. However relating to making a child extra clever, lovely, or choosing their intercourse, pores and skin tone, the moral and ethical dilemmas grow to be way more complicated. The flexibility to change a child’s genetic make-up raises the potential for an moral double commonplace, as solely these with the monetary means would be capable to afford it. Moreover, if dad and mom had been to change their child’s genetic make-up, what would the implications be for many who selected to not? Within the mild of this, the medical remedy and enhancement have to be distinguished, as the previous is important to avoid wasting lives, whereas the latter could blur the traces between remedy and beauty enhancement. Moreover, the long-term results of human genetic modification on society as an entire have to be taken under consideration. The controversy surrounding human genetic modification is complicated and has been debated for years (Subramanian, 2020; O’Brien, 2021). Because the know-how progresses, it’s important that the moral, authorized and social implications are taken under consideration when making selections. In the end, it’s as much as the person to determine what is true for them and their household. Cont…

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