If an individual proton has mass 1.007825 amu, and an individual neutron has mass 1.008665 amu, what’s the calculated mass of a neptunium-236 nucleus?

Mass of the Neptunium-236 nucleus

Add the mass of each protons and neutrons to calculate the mass of a nucleus of neptunium-236. Neptunium-236 contains 236 nucleons. These are composed of 93 prototons and 143 neutrons. One proton weighs 1.007825 amu while one neutron weighs 1.008665. The total mass of the neptunium-236 nuclear nucleus can be calculated by adding the individual masses of the protons and neutrons together. The total mass is 237.055055 amu. (Liu 2018, 2018). Because of its binding energy, the nucleus’ exact mass is slightly greater than that of each protons and neutrons. The binding energy refers to the amount of energy needed to split the nucleus into individual nucleons. The binding energy of the nucleus when it is formed is released, and this is transformed into mass. This increases the total nucleus mass.

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