how would you know that a glacier (ice sheet) passed through your neighborhood?

How can you identify evidence of a glacier passing through your neighborhood?

The glacier (or ice sheet) refers to a massive body of ice that moves slowly across land. It creates valleys and deposits sediment, leaving behind various evidence (Raupach 2017, 2017). This can be used to determine if there is a nearby glacier. You can see large U-shaped valleys as a sign that a glacier is passing through your community. You will see distinctive U-shaped valleys created by the glaciers. These valleys have steep sides and flat floors. You should also look out for morais, or piles of dirt and rocks deposited by glaciers in the shape of hills and ridges (Raupach 2017). These boulders will likely be larger than those found locally and could have different textures and colors. The glacial striations can be described as long parallel scratches on the bedrock caused by a glacier.

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