How to Manage Football Risks.Managing Football Risks

Football risks: How to manage them

Failure to appear at games designated by referees: Response: Transfer This event may have contingencies. Referees could have backups or a pool qualified referees to draw on in an emergency (Grieb 2020). Fight between teams: This is a risk response. Smith, 2019. This behavior is strictly forbidden and should be avoided. It should not happen, and appropriate discipline action must be taken. Referees making a pivotal mistake that can determine the game’s outcome: Response: Accept. These types of risks are part and parcel with sports, so they cannot be avoided. But it’s important to create a system for handling and resolving any potential disputes. Jones, 2020 Parents should not tolerate abusive behavior. Such behavior should be avoided. It is important to teach parents the appropriate behaviour and enforce penalties for abusive behavior. (Williams 2021). Inadequate parking: Risk response: Transfer. The best way to transfer the risk is by hiring an experienced parking management firm that will manage your parking needs at games (Brown 2019).

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