How to calculate the curvature for a PSR terrain in Arcgis what steps ?

Calculation of curvature using ArcGIS for a PR Terrain

It is useful to determine the curvature and topography of terrains. This helps identify potential erosion areas or deposition. The curvature can be used to determine the origins of the terrain. We will be discussing the steps required to calculate the slope and relief curves of PSR (Planar Slope and Relief), terrain with ArcGIS software. (Liaw 2017, 2017). It is necessary to first create a digital terrain elevation model (DEM). This can be achieved using various methods such as LiDAR and aerial photography. A DEM must have sufficient resolution in order to accurately depict the terrain. After the DEM has been created, the DEM should be exported to ArcGIS. From there, the PSR terrain can be created by using the ‘Surface Slope and Relief’ tool. This creates a terrain representation that shows the terrain’s planar slopes and its relief (Liaw 2017). Next, calculate the curvature. This can be done by using the ‘Surface Curvature’ tool.

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