how much heat is required at standard temperature and pressure if 479.4g of Bromine gas reacts in excess Chlorine gas?

Chlor gas reaction to bromine gas

Bromine and chlorine reactions at standard temperature and pressure require heat
The heat requirement is the energy needed to make a reaction between two elements. The heat requirement plays a critical role in chemical reactions as it determines the speed at which they can occur (Hibbert 2019, 2019). Bromine and chlorine react and the heat requirements at standard pressure and temperature (STP), for 479.4g of bromine gas are important. STP has a heat requirement for 479.4g of bromine gases at 7.56 kJ/mol. (So, 2018). The enthalpy (?H), of bromine gas and chlorine is 36.6 kJ/mol. Hibbert, 2019. You can calculate the enthalpy by using the following equation:?H=moles of bromine x the enthalpy for reaction. Where moles are equal to the mass in bromine divided with the molar weight of bromine (79.904g/mol). This would mean that 479.4g of bromine is equal to 5.98…

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