How many grams of water need to be added to 0.200 g of NaCl(s) to make a solution that is 500 ppm of NaCl? Ppm= mass of Solute x 10 A) 400.00 mass solution B) 399.80 C) 499.80 D) 0.00040 E) 100.00

How Important is it to Calculate the Water Required for Solving a Solute?

You cannot overestimate the importance of correctly calculating how much water is required to dissolve a solvent. It is essential to know how much water it takes to dissolve a substance in a number of fields, such as biology and chemistry (Coulson, et al. 2015). To make 500ppm sodium chloride solution (NaCl), for example, one needs to first determine the required amount of water to reach the desired concentration. First, determine the mass and amount of the solute to calculate how much water is needed for a 500ppm NaCl solution. This example shows that the solute has a mass of 0.200 g. (Cooper, et al. (2018) After determining the mass of the solut, it is possible to calculate how much water will be needed for the solution. The mass of the solution is then multiplied with 10, giving a value of 2. (Coulson and al., 2015). Therefore, to produce a 500 ppm NaCl solution it takes 2 g. This is 0.200 g = 1.800 grams.

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