How many gamete types does a diheterozygous woman produce?

Types of Gamete Produced By a Diheterozygous Female

Diheterozygous women have two genes, one from each parent and one each. In terms of gametes this signifies that the woman will be able to produce both maternal as well as paternal games. L. Li (2019) and J. Li (2019) have found that diheterozygous males can produce maternal and paternal games. Each type’s number is determined by how many maternal and paternal alleles are present in the zygote. A study by A. Kerman (2016) and P. Mascarenhas (2016) also states that a woman who has equal numbers of paternal and maternal alleles is diheterozygous. This means that the mother will have equal amounts of maternal and paternal zytes. Each gamete will have a different combination of paternal and maternal alleles. The result is that a diheterozygous female produces both paternal and maternal gametes. There are equal amounts of both types and each gamete has a different combination of maternal-paternal alleles. Li L., and Li J. A. Kerman (2019) and P. Mascarenhas (2016) agreed that it is true for diheterozygous individuals.

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