How many bonds do the following atoms make? Carbon

A Review of the Latest Findings on The Number Of Bonds Made by Carbon Atoms

Carbon can be used to make many different bonds to other elements. The chemical environment in which a carbon atom is located determines how many bonds it forms. Some recent studies offer interesting insight into how many bonds carbon atoms form. Chen et. al. published a study in 2016. A study by Chen and colleagues in 2016 found that four of the most common covalent bonds between carbon atoms are possible, while three to five other possibilities exist. The structure of several carbon-containing molecules was examined to confirm this conclusion (Chen et. al. 2016, 2016). Leung et. al. also conducted a similar study that year. Another study by Leung et al. in the same year revealed that a local environment can affect how many bonds a carbon atom forms. Carbon atoms may also form more bonds when they are near other atoms (Leung and al., 2016).
Kim et. al. conducted an investigation in 2020. Kim et al. focused their study on graphene’s number of carbon-carbon bonds. According to Kim et. al. 2020, the authors discovered that graphene may contain between three and seven carbon atoms. Wang and colleagues also published a similar study that year. Functional groups may also influence the number and types of carbon atoms that form bonds. Functional groups may increase the number or bonds that a carbon atom forms to seven, eight or more (Wang and colleagues 2020).

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