How has mtDNA testing for paternal relationships been improved by adding other DNA tests? The Advancement of mtDNA Testing for Paternal Relationships Through the Addition of Other DNA Tests

Development of mtDNA testing for paternal relationships through the addition of other DNA tests 

While mitochondrial DNA testing (mtDNA), has been widely used for paternal determinations, there have been recent advancements in genetics that allow other DNA tests to also be used with mtDNA. According to a 2016 American Journal of Human Genetics study, mtDNA combined with Ychromosome test is better for determining paternal relationship (Kayser, 2016). A second study, published by Journal of Forensic Science in 2020, found that combining mtDNA and Y-chromosome testing is better for determining paternal relations than using mtDNA alone. Other DNA tests have allowed paternity testing to be more accurate and resulted in a greater effectiveness for paternal relationships (Kayser et. al. 2016; Xu et. al. 2020). Cont…

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