How does water get from the atmosphere into the groundwater system?

Water Recharging Groundwater Systems:

Groundwater, a significant source of freshwater throughout the globe, is crucial for human and environmental needs. Groundwater is formed from rainwater and slowly releases it into the groundwater aquifers. These are subsurface geological formations which contain or convey groundwater. This process of recharging groundwater systems is known as “groundwater recharge” (Blasch et al. 2018, Groundwater recharge. This is what happens when water from precipitation (either rain or snow) infiltrates soil and is absorbed into plants’ roots. This water percolates through the soil to the groundwater aquifer. Water from melting snow and stream water are other sources that could recharge groundwater. 2020). Artificial recharge is another option. Artificial recharge is the process of replenishing groundwater sources by intentionally injecting water into underground aquifers. There are many ways to achieve artificial recharge, including subsurface injection and surface spreading. This is a great way to maintain groundwater levels in high-demand areas.

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