How does schizophrenia interfere or disrupt cell signaling? The Impact of Schizophrenia on Cell Signaling

Schizophrenia and Cell Signaling

Schizophrenia, a mental illness that affects the brain and can cause severe problems in one’s personal, occupational, social, and professional lives. While the cause of schizophrenia is not known, there are some theories that it may be due to altered brain communication. The most significant aspect of this disorder, however, is its disruption of cell signaling. This is vital for proper brain functioning. Cell signaling, which involves communication between cells and is vital for normal cellular function, is crucial. This communication can be disrupted in schizophrenia and lead to many problems. Studies have found that schizophrenia sufferers are more likely to develop cognitive impairments such as memory difficulties and slow processing speeds. The brain’s ability regulate emotions can be affected by disruptions in cell signaling. This disorder causes intense feelings such as anger, fear and sadness. These emotions can cause problems with emotional control, and this can prove to be an obstacle to recovery. Cont….

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