How do amphibians respire? The Respiratory System of Amphibians: How do they Breathe?

Amphibians Breathe: The Respiratory System of Amphibians

The unique ability of amphibians to live in water or on land is what makes them so special. Although their anatomy may be different than that of mammals amphibians can still absorb and breathe oxygen from the surrounding environment. How do amphibians breathe? Amphibians breathe through their skins. Amphibians possess moist skin that is permeable, which makes it possible to absorb oxygen from the surrounding environment. Additionally, they have small, permeable skin sacs called cutaneous respiration that aid in absorption by drawing oxygen from water. Skin respiration also allows the expulsion carbon dioxide from the environment. A variety of respiratory methods are also used by amphibians, including branchial respiration and buccal breathing. Buccal respiration involves inhaling oxygen through the gills and pumping it into your mouth. Branchial breathing is the direct water circulation through your gills. This allows you to absorb oxygen. Cont…

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