How can you tell if a flow direction analysis has gone wrong what causes the erroneous output to occur?

Analysis of the flow direction

Flow direction analysis can be used to analyze the flow of data or information between two points. It helps to identify the direction in which data and information flows between two points. A flow direction analysis may not be correct and produce an error. Incorrect inputs, incorrect assumptions or inaccurate data are the most common causes of incorrect output. The output may be inaccurate if incorrect data is used or maps are made. Also, incorrect assumptions can result in inaccurate output if they are made regarding the data. Incorrect data can also result in incorrect output. Kanan, 2019. It is essential to make sure that inputs are accurate, and that assumptions are valid in order for flow direction analysis not to produce an error. To ensure the accuracy of output, it is important to verify data. A flow direction analysis, which uses data, assumptions and the right inputs to determine how data flows between points or nodes, can be performed (Ahmed and colleagues, 2020).

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