Homo Sapiens: The Most Cognitively and Socially Advanced Hominin

Homo Sapiens, The Most Advanced Hominin in Cognitive and Social Intelligence

Homo Sapiens are among the most socially and cognitively intelligent hominins ever known. Homo Sapiens has a human-like skeleton that runs long distances better than the predecessors. Homo sapiens are able to create better tools such as throwing with accuracy and force (Boesch, et al. 2018). Homo sapiens are able to use their brains in a more efficient way, which means they can be socialized and have greater cognitive abilities (Rosenberg and al., 2017). Homo sapiens’ larger brains allowed them to construct huts, and cook on fire, which enabled them to use advanced hunting techniques (Boesch, et al. 2018). Homo Sapiens also became the first hominins in Africa to escape poverty (Rosenberg, et al. 2017). Humanity was able to colonize other parts of the globe and expand their cognitive and social abilities. This combined with the ability to use fire and make better tools allowed Homo sapiens dominance over the ancient world, establishing the civilisations that we all know.

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