Give the name for this molecule: O=O CH2CH, CH2CH, -C-O-H

Acetaldehyde: An Unstable Organic Compound

Acetaldehyde is also called ethanal. It’s an organic compound that consists of an oxygen double-bonded with a carbon, two or more methyl groups and a hydrogenatom. You can write it as O=O CH2CH or CH2CH and -C-O–H (1). This compound is well-known for its distinctive smell, and it is used in many food flavorings (Martial 2017, 2017). Acetaldehyde belongs to the aldehydes family, which has the formula R-CHO. Acetaldehyde, which is an unstable compound means it reacts easily with other molecules. It is an intermediate in the oxidation alcohols. This can have a variety of consequences (Martial 2017, 2017). This is used to produce acetic acid using the Fischer-Tropsch method. Additionally, Acetaldehyde, produced in the combustion and oxidation of fossil fuels, is a major pollutant in auto exhaust. Acetaldehyde can be produced in this way.

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