Exploring the Proteins Potentially Expressed by a Novel Chromosomal Segment Deleted in Breast Cancer

The Potentially Expressed Proteins of a New Chromosomal Segment That Was Deleted by Breast Cancer

A multi-step process is required to find the protein expression potential of a new segment of chromosome deleted in breast cancer. The first step involves a GENSCAN analysis. The analysis of the GENSCAN data will identify the coding sequences in the 100Mb segment. (Lambert and al. 2020). The next step will be to use a special computer program to analyze and match the coding sequences to known proteins (Feng, et al. 2019). It will identify proteins which may be expressed using the sequences of coding. The program then can analyze all possible protein structures to determine the proteins that are being expressed by each segment. The expressed proteins can then be compared with known proteins in order to identify the possible functions (Chiou and al., 2016). The step-by-step method will enable the identification and expression of proteins by the new segment.

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