Explain why sex-linked traits appear more frequently in males than in females. Sex-Linked Traits – Why They Appear More Commonly in Males than Females

These Sex-Linked Traits are More Common in Males than they Are in Females

The genes that make up the sex-chromosomes are responsible for determining sex-linked traits. These traits, which are related to gender, tend to be more common in males than they are in females. It is because males are born with an X-chromosome and a yellow chromosome. Females, however, have only two Xchromosomes. The Y chromosome trait is expressed only in males. The X-chromosome gene may also be expressed in women if the gene is dominant. But, in men, the exact same gene will be expressed, regardless of whether the gene is dominant or recessive. Red-green colorblindness, for example, is a sexually-related trait which is more prevalent in males than it is in females. The X chromosome is where the red-green colour blindness gene is found. If the gene is recessive it can only be expressed by males with one copy of the X chromosome. To express this trait, however, a female must have at least two copies (Liang 2018, 2018). Cont…

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