Explain how organizations can enhance performance through learning and development activities.Cultural Differences Training Challenges

Cultural Differences Training Challenges

Language barriers are a problem that can be faced by training professionals when trying to deal with cultural differences (Liu 2019, 2019). In a multicultural environment, trainers might have to present training in a different language. This problem can be solved by using translation services and hiring multilingual trainers. Trainers may also use nonverbal communication methods and visual aids to bridge language gaps (Liu 2019, 2019). Smith 2020 identifies another challenge when cross-cultural training occurs. People from different cultures might have different expectations about communication, such as their eye contact, privacy, and style of personal interaction. This can be addressed by trainers who research and learn the culture norms and expectations for the groups they train and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. Smith 2020. Action learning and case studies are both effective learning transfer activities to promote knowledge sharing. Jones, 202

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