Explain a police patrolling strategy and analyze the scholarly literature and report the findings?Focused Policing Crime Reduction

Reduction of crime through a focused police force

The hot spot, or “focused”, police strategy has become very popular in recent years. The strategy of focusing police resources on high crime areas in order to reduce criminal activity and deter it, and increasing their presence there. A 2020 study in The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency found that focused policing is effective in decreasing crime in certain areas. According to Smith et.al. (2020), the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Hot Spot Police program showed that there was a 16% decrease in overall crime and a 22% drop in violent crime in areas where more police were present. Other research suggests that focused policing can have a short-term effect on crime and not always lead to long-term reductions (Braga et. al. 2019, 2019). A meta-analysis that was published in The Journal of Experimental Criminology, 2019, found that although focused policing can lead to an immediate decrease in crime rates, they tend to diminish over time.

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