Excedrin which contains a combination of Acetometaphine, Aspirin, and coffee is a FDA approved drug to treat migraines. What are the advantages of this combination? Advantages of Excedrin: A Combination of Acetometaphine, Aspirin, and Caffeine for Migraine Treatment

Excedrin has many advantages: It contains Acetometaphine (Aspirin), Caffeine, and Acetometaphine for migraine treatment 

Excedrin is an FDA approved medication to treat migraines. It combines the active ingredients of acetometaphine and aspirin. Combining these ingredients can offer many advantages to migraine patients. Excedrin, acetometaphine, and aspirin work together to lower migraine intensity. This combination is more effective than aspirin or Acetometaphine in relieving migraines (Shah, 2020). In addition, it has been shown that caffeine can reduce headache pain and the duration (Meyer Massetti et. al. 2020). Excedrin is a cost-effective and convenient way to manage migraines. It is easy to swallow because it contains all three ingredients (Aljohani and al., 2019,). Combining acetometaphine and aspirin in Excedrin has many advantages for people suffering from migraines. It’s more effective at relieving migraine headaches. Additionally, Excedrin is much more affordable and convenient. Cont….

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