Examine genomic neighborhood of putative ortholog in D. erecta. Genomic Neighborhood Analysis of Putative Ortholog in Drosophila erecta

Genomic Neighborhood Analysis of Putative Ortholog in Drosophila erecta

A key tool in understanding the genetic evolution and variation of genes is Genomic Neighborhood analysis. In the last few years this technique has become more popular to analyze gene-gene interaction, like orthologs in various species. This article examines the genome neighborhood for putative orthologs within Drosophila. Drosophila.erecta is a type of fruit fly and an important model organism in genetic studies. The genome of Drosophila erecta has been sequenced, and its annotated gene record provides a complete picture about the organism’s genetic makeup. Bioinformatics tools have helped researchers identify homologous protein in D.erecta. The evolutionary connections between different species are represented by these homologous proteins (or orthologs). We used a mixture of gene ontology and gene expression analysis to examine D. erecta’s genomic vicinity of possible orthologs. A custom-designed algorithm was used to find regions with high levels of gene expression. This could indicate that an ortholog is present. The gene ontology analysis was used to analyze the gene functions that were associated with each region. Cont…

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