Ethical Decision Making Scenarios

Ethical Decision-Making Scenarios

It is crucial to create a problem statement in this instance. This is because the bakery has been receiving bad reviews. These could be written by someone with whom there have been previous disputes. It is time to look for other solutions. You can ignore the comments, respond publicly to the complaints, or confront the neighbour privately. It is crucial to weigh the possible consequences of every option in terms of ethics. While it may not solve the problem but may help to diffuse the conflict with your neighbor, it is not a good idea not to ignore the reviews. A public response to the reviews can lead to conflict. Conversely, a private conversation with the neighbor could be more effective to solve the problem. Owners should decide which alternative they feel will solve the problem the most effectively, and be ethically respectful. The owner may need to speak with the neighbor in private to try and find a solution. If necessary, they should be ready to move forward.


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