Estimating the Normal Boiling Point of Carbon Tetrachloride

The Normal Boiling Temperature of Carbon Tetrachloride

Normal boiling point is when the liquid’s vapor pressure is equal to its atmospheric pressure. This can be used to calculate the vapor pressure (and enthalpy for vaporization) in the case carbon tetrachloride. At 57.8 °C, the vapor pressure of CCl4 is 54.0 kPa, and its enthalpy of vaporization is 33.05 kJ/mol (Mendelsohn, 2019). The enthalpy for vaporization is decreasing as the vapor pressure of CCl4 increases with temperature. The vaporization rate of CCl4 is more favorable as the vapor pressure rises and decreases. This information can be used for estimating the normal boiling point (Mendelsohn 2019). As the vapor pressure of CCl4 increases with temperature, it can be assumed that the normal boiling point of CCl4 will be higher than 57.8 °C. The normal boiling point for CCl4 can be calculated by extrapolating the data on vapor pressure, enthaly of vaporization and…

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