electromagnetic energy is used in a dissecting microscope?The Use of Electromagnetic Energy in a Dissecting Microscope

A Dissecting Microscope Using Electromagnetic Energie

Dissecting microscopes are a common tool in scientific research. They’re especially useful in medical and biological sciences. This microscope is useful for analyzing and examining small and intricate organisms and structures. An important part of any dissecting microscope is the electromagnetic energy. It provides illumination that allows you to see specimens. There are many sources of electromagnetic energy, such as fluorescent, LED, lasers and electron microscopes. Dissecting microscopes allow researchers to study and view specimens better by providing light sources. The light source of a dissecting microscope can be altered to meet the requirements of each researcher. A researcher might adjust the light source to provide more light for a specific specimen. The angle and direction can be changed to allow researchers to examine specimens at different angles. This feature is particularly helpful when studying complex structures like tissue and cell samples (James 2019).

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