Draw the Lewis structure for the H2CCCH2 molecule and then answer the following questions.

Drawing the Lewis Structure H2CCCH2 and Answering Question

The valence shell electron pair repel (VSEPR), rule can be used to draw the Lewis structure of H2CCCH2 molecules. By connecting two hydrogen (H) atoms (C), to two carbon (C) atoms, you create single covalent bonds (??).. These two single bonds result in the creation of two single bonds Between the two carbon-atoms, and two single bonds (??) Between the two carbon-atoms, and two single bonds (??). There are four single bonds (??). In the H2CCCH2 molecular. There are four single bonds in the H2CCCH2 molecular.The molecule contains four single bonds (?????) and two double bond (????).. These double bonds (????) were formed by two electrons from each of the carbon atoms. These two double bonds (????) are made by the electrons of each carbon atom that are also shared. Six covalent bonds are formed in H2CCCH2’s molecule. The number of covalent bonds in the H2CCCH2 molecule is four. The number of????? bonds within the H2CCCH2 molecular is four. It is because of the two single bonds (??). The two single bonds (??) between the two hydrogen-atoms and both the carbon atoms as well as the two double links (????). The two carbon atoms. You can determine the type and number of bonds within any given molecule by looking at its Lewis structure. This is especially important when it comes to understanding the chemical properties of a molecule (Kumar et al., 2016; Chaturvedi & Chandel, 2021).

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