Distillation: An Effective Method of Purification

A powerful method of purification: distillation

The heat process of distillation can be used to purify liquids. Distillation is a method of seperating mixtures according to the boiling point of their components. This is a method that can be used to separate and purify liquids which have similar boiling points. This is a very common technique used in industries and laboratories for purifying liquids. It works by the principle of distillation, where different elements have different boiling temperatures. The mixture is heated until it boils, and the vapor is then condensed back into a liquid (Eaton & Feldman, 2015). It will vaporize first if the component has the lowest boiling temperature. Then, it will vaporize next, then the one with the highest boiling point. You can obtain a purified sample by taking each component out of the condenser during its vaporization. The process can then be repeated until it reaches the desired purity. You can distill a wide range of liquids including water, fuel and ethanol. A powerful method for purification, distillation can be used to extract and purify liquids that have similar boiling points.

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