Discuss the selectivity of Zeolite Towards Different Concentration of Cyclohexane/n-Hexane Mixture (20/80%)(50/50%)(70/30%)(100/0%) (which has a higher selectivity, cyclohexane or n-hexane?) Discuss the separation Performance of Different Concentration of Cyclohexane/n-Hexane Mixture (20/80%)(50/50%)(70/30%)(100/0%). Selectivity of Zeolite towards Cyclohexane and n-Hexane Mixtures

Selection of Zeolite toward Cyclohexane or n-Hexane Blends

Due to the potential application of this research, the area of selectivity in zeolite towards various concentrations of cyclohexane/n hexane combinations has attracted a lot of attention. The crystalline aluminosilicates zeolites have a porous structure and strong selectivity. They are suitable for many separation tasks. It has been possible to study the behavior of Zeolite and how it reacts to different mixtures of cyclohexane/nhexane. This will allow us to optimize our performance. Study have demonstrated that zeolite has a greater selectivity for cyclohexane over n-hexane, regardless the mix’s concentration. Tomiyama, et. al. The selectivity of Zeolite to mix cyclohexane and neohexane (2020) was lower for cyclohexane, than it is for neohexane. Similarly, Mazzanti et al. Mazzanti and colleagues (2017) reported that Zeolite’s selectivity towards a 70%/30% mixture of cyclohexane/nhexane was greater for cyclohexane compared to n-hexane. Cont…

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