Discuss the roles and relationships between mission, vision, values, and strategic goals. Mission Vision Values Goals

Mission Vision Values Goals

The elements that make up an organization’s strategy planning process are mission, vision, values and strategic goals. They can all be interrelated. The Journal of Business Strategy published a 2019 article that stated the mission of an organization is “the reason for it being there.” While the vision is about the organisation’s long-term and aspirations, Smith, 2019. Smith, 2019. Values are the core beliefs and principles that drive the organisation’s actions, decisions, and behavior (Smith 2019, 2019). Smith, 2019. Strategic goals are defined as “specific, specific, measurable, realizable, relevant and time-bound” targets that an organization set to fulfill its vision. Patient satisfaction surveys are one example of a directional strategy used by a healthcare organisation. One example of a 2020 Journal of Health Administration Education article discussed the use of patient satisfaction surveys by a healthcare organization to collect data about the quality of care and identify improvement areas (Jones et al. 2020).

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