Discuss the overall changes that the ice caps have undergone over the last 20,000 years. What will be some of the issues that humans and the environment will need to face in the next 1000 years at the present decline and the ice caps continue at their current rate?

The Ice Caps of the Final 20,000 Years: Challenges for the Future

The ice caps have skilled vital adjustments over the past 20,000 years. Over the past glacial interval, which occurred between 110,000 and 12,000 years in the past, a lot of the Northern Hemisphere was coated in ice. The ice sheets of this era have been a lot thicker and extra intensive than the polar ice caps of in the present day. Because the local weather warmed, the ice caps started to recede, and by 8000 BC that they had reached their smallest dimension within the final 20,000 years (Garrison, 2020). In current occasions, the ice caps have continued to say no as a consequence of local weather change. Because the industrial revolution, the common international temperature has risen by 1.1°C, and this has brought on the ice caps to soften quicker than ever earlier than (NASA, 2020). If this development continues, the ice caps shall be diminished to a fraction of their present dimension inside the subsequent 1000 years. This fast decline in ice caps may have plenty of penalties. Rising sea ranges will displace hundreds of thousands of individuals, whereas melting ice may also scale back the quantity of habitat accessible for Arctic species (Garrison, 2020). Moreover, because the ice caps proceed to recede, the worldwide local weather…

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