Discuss the major developments, tectonically and biologically of each geological eon and era.

Geological Eons & Eras: The Major Developments

Geological eons or eras represent the most extensive divisions of geological history. The geological society 2020 states that each eon or era represents a significant period in Earth’s tectonic, and biological history. The Hadean Eon was the start of Earth’s history. The Earth was still being formed by tectonic plates and heavy bombardment of comets and meteorites. The emergence of first forms of life such as single-celled organisms is another highlight of this eon. Because of the continuing activity of the tectonic plate, the Archean Eon witnessed the creation of first continent landmasses. The Proterozoic Eon witnessed the creation of the first multicellular organisms. This was the time when the first multicellular organisms appeared and then the first mammals. With the rise of many new species, invertebrates, plants and animals during the Paleozoic Era, there was great biological diversity. The formation of Pangaea the supercontinent and the subsequent splitting of continents was a highlight of this period of great tectonic activities.

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