Discuss the Internal structure- Earth vs. Saturn. Comparing the Internal Structures of Earth and Saturn: A Comparison

Evaluating the Inner Buildings of Earth and Saturn: A Comparability

The interior buildings of Earth and Saturn are vastly totally different. Earth consists of an internal core, outer core, mantle, and crust. The internal core is strong and manufactured from iron and nickel and is roughly 1,500 miles in diameter (Geology.com, 2020). The outer core is liquid and composed of metals and is roughly 1,400 miles thick (Geology.com, 2020). The mantle is manufactured from strong rock and is roughly 1,800 miles thick (Geology.com, 2020). The crust is the thinnest layer of Earth and consists of strong rock and is between 4 and 40 miles thick (Geology.com, 2020). Saturn’s inside construction consists of an internal core, mantle, and an outer environment. The internal core consists of a combination of water, ammonia, and methane and is roughly 12,000 miles thick (House.com, 2020). The mantle consists of hydrogen and helium and is roughly 18,000 miles thick (House.com, 2020). The outer environment consists of hydrogen, helium, and hint quantities of different compounds and is roughly 30,000 miles thick (House.com, 2020). Cont…

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