Discuss the difference between exfoliation and carbonation processes. Be sure to provide, Identification of the type of weathering for each process Identification and description of each process A discussion of the impact of climate on each process. Difference between Exfoliation and Carbonation Processes

Differentiation between Exfoliation & Carbonation

Carbonation and exfoliation are distinct weathering mechanisms that have different effects on the environment. Carbonation, on the other hand is a chemical and mechanical weathering process. The process whereby the outer rock layers are loosened by temperature changes, exfoliation refers to this phenomenon. This is more common in places with extreme temperature swings. Exfoliation is frequently linked to expansion during freeze-thaw cycles. This exfoliated layer can be seen on the rock’s surface as concentric, curved strips (Lam, Chorley 2019). The chemical process of weathering, carbonation, involves the dissolution and formation of carbonic acid in water. The acid reacts with minerals in rock to cause them to dissolve and release ions into the atmosphere (Ahmed, et al. 2017). In humid climates where there is more carbon dioxide and water, the frequency of carbonation increases. The processes of weathering are exfoliation, and carbonation. They differ from each other in the…

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