Discuss how strategies are translated into action plans.Nursing Strategy Implementation

Nursing Strategy Implementation

A study in Journal of Nursing Management 2019 found that effective strategies implementation requires clear communication, resources support, leadership, and support (Egbuji 2019, 2019). In order for strategies to be translated into action plans, leaders in nursing must clearly communicate their goals and objectives to the team. These can be accomplished in meetings, through one-on-one conversations, as well as written materials, such policy updates and operational plans. In order for the strategy to be implemented effectively, nurses leaders should ensure that the team is equipped with the right resources. These resources could include funding, training and technology. Nurses will have difficulty implementing the strategy if they don’t have enough resources. It is essential that nursing leaders provide support for the implementation of the strategy. For successful strategy implementation, this can be as simple as providing feedback and guidance. It also means that nursing leaders must ensure that the nurses are empowered with the authority and autonomy to take decisions and implement them.

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