Discuss at least two reasons why certain strategies may be difficult to implement in your organization.Strategic Planning Alternatives

Strategic Planning Alternatives

One reason certain strategies might be hard to implement in healthcare organisations is because of resistance by employees, according to an article published in Journal of Health Administration Education, 2020 (Lopez and al., 2020). The resistance may be due to lack of communication, involvement and buy-in in planning, which can result in lack of support and buy-in (Lopez, et. al., 2020). A lack of resources (including financial capital and human capital) may also be a reason for resistance to the proposed strategy (Hussey, et al. 2019, 2019). Alternatives to conventional strategic planning are scenario planning. Scenario planning involves creating multiple hypothetical future scenarios and developing strategies for each one (Eisenbeiss et al., 2021). This method allows organisations to be more adaptable and flexible to change than being tied down to a predetermined plan.

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