Discuss any reasons for potential deviations from routine screening frequency.Mammogram Screening Recommendations

Mammogram Screening Guidelines

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that women aged 45-54 have a mammogram each year. If they wish, women 55 years and over can switch to annual mammograms every two years. The ACS recommends that all women talk to their doctor about breast cancer risk and the best schedule for them. For certain women, there may be deviations to these recommended routine screenings. According to the ACS, women at higher risk for breast cancer such as those who are a close relative or have a history of it in their family may be required to get mammograms more frequently and earlier. It is difficult to keep track of the different recommendations from various governing bodies. Healthcare professionals need to understand the different guidelines. They should also be willing to share the options with their patients taking into consideration their preferences and risk factors.

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