Discuss and describe the latest therapy for HCV- Hepatitis C virus. The Latest Therapies for Treating Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Hepatitis-C Virus (HCV), the Latest Treatments

Hepatitis-C virus (HCV), a severe condition that can lead to liver damage, and other complications, is very serious. In recent years, significant improvements have been made in HCV treatment. HCV treatments that target the virus directly are the most recent. Treatments for HCV are mainly directed-acting antiviral therapies (DAA). The drugs work by blocking replication of the HCV viruses. DAAs may be combined with other drugs and are highly effective with cure rates up to 99% (Gretch, et al. 2016). HCV can also be treated with interferon-free treatments. This newer treatment does not need interferon. Interferon is still used in traditional HCV therapies. The interferon-free treatment is often quicker and has fewer side effects that traditional ones (Gretch et. al. 2016). Finally, HCV treatments have become more affordable, and many countries are now providing free HCV therapies. The Affordable Care Act in the United States requires that health insurance companies cover HCV medication costs (O’Donnell et. al. 2021). Cont…

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