Differences between tropical and sub-tropical forest. The Differences between Tropical and Sub-Tropical Forests

What are the differences between tropical and sub-tropical forests?

Both sub-tropical and tropical forest ecosystems are important for the environment. Although they may share similar climates, the differences in these types of forest are worth considering. The structure and climate of each forest type are all different. Sub-tropical and tropical forests are distinguished by the climate. The climate is more humid and hot in tropical forests, while the subtropical forest can only be found where there are less seasonal temperature changes and greater humidity. Climate changes can have an impact on the structure and function of the vegetation. While tropical forests tend to have dense and lush vegetation, and many tree species, subtropical forests often have less trees and more species. Sub-tropical and tropical forests have different types of flora, fauna. The diversity and number of species found in tropical forests is greater than that of subtropical forests. Cont…

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