Developing And Empowering Others

Empowering and Developing Others

My presentation will focus on best practices in developing and empowering other people. According to a study published in the Journal of Leadership Education in 2020, effective development and empowerment strategies include setting clear goals and expectations, providing ongoing support and resources, and encouraging active participation and decision-making (Lee & Kim, 2020). The process of learning, training, and improving your skills is called development. This can be done through formal education, or by learning on the job. On the other hand, empowerment refers to the act of giving power or authority to others, enabling them to take ownership and control over their work and decisions (Williams & Spink, 2019). Both empowerment and development are essential for growth and success of individuals and organisations, but they have different goals. While both are important for promoting growth and success in individuals and organizations, development is focused on developing competencies and capacities. Empowerment encourages people to apply those skills to create change.

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