Develop an awareness and understanding of the complexities of the modern healthcare delivery system.Cultural Competency Personal Journey

Cultural Competency Personal Travel

Through various coursework and experiences, I was able to discover my cultural heritage and identity as well as confront stereotypes. Articles such as “Cultural competency: an integrative approach” (Trevino 2019) have taught me that understanding one’s culture and being open to it is key for effective communication and connection with others from diverse cultures. Furthermore, I am more aware of and better understand the complexity of today’s healthcare system. In “Structural Competence, Health Disparities, A Framework for Understanding And Addressing Health Inequities”, Smedley and colleagues, 2020, we discuss the effects of systemic problems such as poverty, discrimination, and how they affect healthcare access, and outcome for some marginalized groups. My education and training have helped me to be more aware of the socialization process, which brings the provider into the complicated healthcare system. Pauly et. al. 2021 demonstrates that medical students can be heavily affected by the beliefs and practices of individuals and institutions they encounter during training.

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