Desmosomes bind the cells of stratum basale together in their lateral and upper surfaces 1-Explain what does that mean and how it happened 2-draw a picture of it. Desmosomes


The proteins called desmosomes act as glue junctions between the cells of the stratum basale skin layer. They are vital for the creation of strong cell-to–cell bonds that allow cells to stay attached on both the upper and lower surfaces of skin. These proteins allow cells to build a barrier against dehydration and other irritants entering deeper layers of skin. Cadherins make up desmosomes. These proteins allow cells to connect to one another and create strong bonds, without any additional adhesives. Cadherins, made up of calcium ions and responsible for cell to-cell adhesion. Additionally, desmosomes contain proteins such as plakoglobins, desmoplakins, and desmogleins which form the core of the desmosomes and give them their strength (Holbrook & Zhu, 2016). Because desmosomes provide strong bonds between cells, they are vital for maintaining the structure of stratum basale layers of skin. The strong bond protects and prevents skin dehydration (Saijo, 2020). Cont…

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