Describe two ways minerals form. Formation of Minerals

Formation of Minerals

Minerals are essential components of rocks and form the basis of Earth’s lithosphere. Minerals are formed by crystallization, which can take place in many different ways. Precipitation and crystallization of magma are the most popular ways minerals can form. The process of minerals forming from aqueous solution is called precipitation. This happens when an element is so concentrated in a solution that it reaches the saturation point and becomes a solid. The solution’s concentration rises and the minerals in it become heavier and sink to the bottom. (Madsen et al. 2017, 2017). All minerals, including sodium chloride, sodium carbonate and sodium sulfate, are formed by precipitation. The process of crystallization is when minerals are formed within a molten substance. This happens when magma cools down and solidifies. Mineral crystals then form (Madsen and al., 2017). As the magma cools, it becomes denser and more heavy. The mineral particles then settle to form crystal structures. All minerals, including quartz, mica, feldspar and feldspar are…

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