describe the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice. Bullying in the health care

Bullying in healthcare


The Journal of Nursing Management, 2020 states that bullying is a widespread problem within the nursing profession. This can lead to serious consequences for both the victim of the bullying behavior and on the work environment. Bullying may lead to lower job satisfaction, productivity and increased turnover. It can also compromise patient safety, if it causes errors or poor care (Brennan 2020). To help correct the situation and keep your workplace professional and respectful, you should demonstrate professionalism in practice. American Nurses Association Code of Ethics outlines that nurses must “promote respect, civility, collaboration”. You must report bullying incidents and work actively to build a culture that respects and includes all people. The Joint Commission also identified workplace violence prevention and treatment as a National Patient Safety Goal (Joint Commission 2021). It is important to address bullying for both the well-being and safety of the patients as well as nurses.

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