Describe how your academic writing and research have changed throughout the course. Academic Writing Growth

Academic writing growth

My writing skills and research abilities have improved significantly throughout my academic career. A pre-writing strategy such as brainstorming or outlining has helped me improve my writing (Bousquet, 2020). These methods have helped me organize my ideas better, which has resulted in more coherent writing. The use of primary resources has also greatly improved my research skills. My coursework was based heavily on secondary resources and I struggled to include a wide range of viewpoints in my research. With the help of professors and practice, I’ve learned to find and analyze primary sources. This has allowed for more nuanced and in-depth research. Smith 2019, Smith. An example of the way I have improved in academic writing is in my recent paper about social media and mental health. To effectively organize my argument, and to support it with evidence, I used pre-writing and primary sources in this paper.

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